Dragon Age Mc

We loved Dragon Age: Inquisition here at Push Square. The sprawling role-playing game was just what the PlayStation 4 needed, but its critical success doesn't guarantee a sequel, according to creative director Mike Laidlaw.

Speaking to Eurogamer, the likeable BioWare employee says that the positive reception surrounding Inquisition "certainly doesn't put [the franchise] at risk, but I never count my chickens before they're hatched". Laidlaw continues: "I'll never say 'oh we're definitely doing something else'", before adding: "I'd say it's possible there will be more Dragon Age - there's certainly no impediments to it." The director then goes on to stress how important Inquisition's post-launch support is for the studio, stating "first we have to finish the patch cycle and put out the [previously announced] Black Emporium update." Of course, the release will also be receiving single player DLC at some point in the future, although no details have been given just yet.

Laidlaw's also quick to make fun of the divisive Dragon Age II's missteps, comparing it to the well-received sequel. "Well we now have more than one cave", he jokes, referring to how the developer brought user feedback on board before creating its latest title. "Assets get re-used all in the time in games but, in DA2 they were re-used clumsily," he admits. Still, the director reckons that the series' second instalment wasn't all bad, saying that "DA2 missed the high stakes but I liked a lot of the things it accomplished", adding: "That pushed us towards doing something bigger again, something that matched the spaces we were creating." We're certainly glad that it did, at least.

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