Bloodborne PS4 PlayStation 4 Item Duplication Exploit

Bloodborne's a great game, but it's not exactly the most accessible experience ever. While most titles go out of their way to include options for less experienced players, From Software's latest foray punishes at every given opportunity. In fact, the only way to make the release easier on yourself is by absorbing as much material pertaining to it as you possibly can. Or by using a nifty exploit.

We'll place the red alert right here so that it's clear for all to see: this is cheating and there's a good chance that the developer will punish you if you use it. Either way, if you want to take a calculated risk in order to see more of the game without hitting any brick walls – and we can certainly appreciate such honest intentions – then here's what you need to do. We will triple stress, though – Hidetaka Miyazaki may end up coming for you.

It's quite simple really: just create an alt character and light the first lamp in Central Yharnam. Return to the Hunter's Dream. Quit the game and select your main character. Go to the Hunter's Dream and clear out your storage by either equipping everything or selling it. Now return to your alt character and buy a single pebble. Place this in your storage, making sure to ensure that it's the only item saved.

Once again, load up your main character and put the item that you want to duplicate in storage. Make sure that you only stash one of these items. Coldblood Dews are great if you want infinite Blood Echoes, for example. You can only duplicate consumables – not weapons or clothing – so keep that in mind. Now go to the merchant and purchase as many pebbles as you can afford. The extras will be sent to storage – and converted to whatever you wanted to duplicate.

If you use Coldblood Dews, you can essentially get 100,000 Blood Echoes in a matter of minutes, which is going to make getting through the game a lot easier. If you're going to do it, we'd recommend taking your console temporarily offline – and don't be an idiot and invade other peoples' games with your new-found strength. If your intentions are honourable, then fair enough – just don't come crying to us when the game's next patch messes things up.