Good luck getting past that

It feels like we've been drip fed information on the upcoming Dragon's Dogma Online for a few months now, but we've finally been granted some live, uncut gameplay to gawk at.

The free-to-play role-playing game looks pretty good to us, with a sprawling world to explore, massive monsters to fight, and glory to be won. Thanks to Gematsu's thoughtful translation work, we've even got some brand new details to share, too.

For starters, the release will support up to 100 players per lobby, which should make for some bustling locales. Meanwhile, quests range from solo escapades to story-based missions, and many requests will change by the day. Perhaps most Interesting, though, is the news that the game will feature a map that's three times the size of Dragon's Dogma's.

By and large, it looks a heck of a lot like the original title, only kitted out with online functionality – and we find it hard to really complain about that premise. Take a look at the video that we've embedded, and let us know if you're busy polishing your sword and shield in the comments section below.

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