Ffxiv Dragon

Heavensward, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn's first expansion, is out in three months, and Square Enix is giving players the opportunity to prepare for the end-game content that's to come.

Patch 2.55 is ready and waiting to be downloaded, adding a thrilling conclusion to the end of the base game's storyline. Focussing on the Dragonsong War, you'll unsurprisingl be taking the fight to a few winged beasts, before laying your eyes on the city where your Heavensward adventure will begin.

The title will be removing various limiters so that long-time Eorzeans can gear up for the journey to come, while also adding a new story quest that marks the beginning of the Heavensward content, so make sure to complete it if you want a head start when the expansion releases in June.

Are you ready to venture into the unknown? Will completing A Realm Reborn bring a tear to you eye? Gather among heroes in the comments section below.

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