Witcher 3 Big

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's going to be at PAX East over the weekend, and it's promising a live gameplay demo for attendees and Twitch viewers.

Developer CD Projekt Red will be a part of three different panels, the first of which will take place tomorrow at 15:30PM GMT, where it'll be discussing the creation of the role-playing game's open world. The next is at 18:00PM GMT, and sounds like it'll be a general discussion of the release, while the final panel will be broadcast on Sunday, at 19:00PM GMT. If you're purely on the lookout for gameplay, the latter seems like it'll be the one to watch, as the studio provides video analysis and commentary.

Will you be witching – we mean, er, watching? Hunt down some monsters in the comments section below.

[source thewitcher.com]