Amplitude PS4

Ah, the eternal conundrum: how do you make a game accessible to casual players without sacrificing the depth for hardcore fans? Amplitude thinks that it's found the solution in the form of Team Play, with this brand new trailer including the first ever footage of the title's 2v2 and 3v1 gameplay modes. The results are, er, chaotic.

But according to developer Harmonix, things are shaping up nicely for the PlayStation exclusive. "I think that we're on the right track now that we have both the classic Free-For-All Multiplayer mode and the new Team Play mode," said art director Ryan Lesser. "Time will tell, but we have a couple of months to really suss it out, playtest the crap out of it, and get some great feedback from fans."

Speaking of which, you'll be able to go hands on with the rhythmic release at PAX East this week. It'll also feature as part of the event's Omegathon tournament, so it looks like the studio is really coveting that competitive angle. Do you like what you're seeing here, or do you think that this is missing a beat? Boost the bass in the comments section below.