Déjà vu, anyone?

Spoilers: you spend a good chunk of The Last of Us: Left Behind in an abandoned mall. Here's the really, eerie bit, though: the derelict shopping centre appears to exist in real life. Cleveland-based photographer Seph Lawless recently snapped some shots of the snow blanketed Rolling Acres Mall in Ohio, which was shuttered in 2008. The bizarre thing, however, is that it looks almost identical to the one that Ellie is forced to navigate in Naughty Dog's survival horror opus.

This isn't the first time that the abandoned building has been caught on camera, so it's possible that the Californian developer used the original images as inspiration for its layout. But with snow on the ground, the likeness is almost uncanny. We suppose that most shopping centres tend to adopt a similar layout, but this particular building's elevator centre piece makes it feel frighteningly familiar. Is this the beginning of the end, folks?

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[source sephlawless.com, via laughingsquid.com, reddit.com]