"We did it, bro"

Dying Light should, by right, have given the UK sales charts a bit of shake up this week, but seeing as it only released digitally in Europe last Wednesday, brace yourselves for a familiar top ten. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare did manage to strong arm Grand Theft Auto V from the summit, following a series of retailer promotions. Meanwhile, the likes of FIFA 15 and Saints Row IV: Re-Elected & Gat Out of Hell occupied the third and fifth positions respectively.

There was very little change down the chart either, with DriveClub continuing its decline in 38th place, and no other PlayStation exclusives to be seen. You're going to have to wait for Evolve to deploy later in the month before there are any meaningful changes to these articles – it's been a bit of a boring start to the year, hasn't it? Fortunately, the PlayStation Store has been keeping us well supplied with fresh titles, so maybe these lists aren't quite the definitive reflection of the industry's best sellers that they used to be.

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