Getting an uncontrollable urge

There's a gag in Life Is Strange that alludes to the ubiquity of bad Kickstarter campaigns, and while it's one of the game's more on-the-nose pop culture references, we reckon that it's bang on going by this particular fund raising drive. Already cancelled by the company monitoring the money making site, one guy was offering to smash up his 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 – if he raised $20,300.

We'd like to think that this was a subtle jab at scalpers, but sadly, the guy behind the initiative seemed pretty serious about the whole thing. "The PS4 will be featured in an unboxing video, but afterwards, I will use a sledge-hammer to smash the hell out of the unit," he wrote. It reminds us of a regular column in Official Nintendo Magazine, where it used to post pictures of smashed up 'GreyStations'. No, seriously.

Backers were promised everything from early access to a YouTube video depicting the complete demolition process, right the way up to broken controller pad pieces. Amazingly, it had already raised $128 at the time of its cancellation – a long way off its target, but still way, way more than we ever imagined that it would attain. People really will pay for anything these days.

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