The Order: 1886 PS4 PlayStation 4

There's no doubt that The Order: 1886 has received a bad rap for its cinematic focus, but there is quite a lot to the game. In addition to third-person shooting and interactive cut-scenes, recent trailers have shown that the title also includes climbing mechanics, exploration, and hand-to-hand combat. As such, there's a lot of density stuffed into its controversial running time.

"If you want to talk about the number of gameplay mechanics, we probably have a lot more than normally any single game would have," creative director Ru Weerasuriya told "Across the board, like the different melee systems, from the different gun systems, the breadth of guns that you can use in the game, the different navigation stuff, even on the puzzle side, the interactive cinematics, all of that stuff, we actually probably, piece by piece, if you look at it, and the diversity of it, we built more content than a lot of games would."

He continued: "We didn't rely on the same content. That's one of the things that we did. We didn't want to be the one trick pony that went, 'Alright, we're making a shooter, so basically forget everything else, you're just going to pick up a gun and you can go around and shoot at people.' Not to sound like I'm putting anything down, it's actually easier to do that and say, 'Look, that's all that we're going to do.'"

The most challenging task for the studio, then, was piecing all of these disparate gameplay systems together. "The harder part was to try and figure out a way to build all of these different mechanics and then through the thread of gameplay through the game, and the storyline through the game, put all of these moments together that made you feel like you're going on a rollercoaster."

The forthcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive has come under some criticism over the past few days due to its campaign length, but developer Ready at Dawn has urged that the industry needs different types of games – and story-driven single player experiences factor into that. Of course, are you willing to pay full price for a release that can be completed in ten hours or less? According to our poll, you lot are a bit split.