Alien invaders

It's not often that a handheld spin-off becomes the best entry in a console-based series, but this author reckons that Sony Bend's brilliant Resistance: Retribution gives Insomniac Games' numbered trilogy a real run for its money. Released on the PlayStation Portable way back in 2009, the outing offered a third-person twist on the not-so popular alternate history property, and boasted a surprisingly enjoyable plot.

It also packed a full competitive online suite for up to eight players, but the Japanese giant confirmed overnight that this will be shut down from 5th May. This means that the iffy PlayStation Vita romp Resistance: Burning Skies will be the last entry in the series to offer multiplayer, as all three of the PlayStation 3 instalments had their servers pulled last year. Sorry Grayson, but you're on your own now.

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