"Put me out of my misery"

Board up your bunkers because it seems like UK supermarket Tesco is dumping the PlayStation Vita like a hot potato. With the console becoming nicher by the day, the retail giant is clearly fed up of the format filling up its store rooms, and has cut the console's price to just £49.00 ($74). Sadly, this appears to apply to the OLED Wi-Fi model only – and is currently only available at specific stores.

We checked in with our local shop, and they had none in stock, so your mileage is clearly going to vary here. Still, even with the future looking a little bit dismal, we reckon that the format is more than worth your fifty notes – even if you only use it as a Persona 4 Golden machine. Would you take a punt on a PS Vita for this price? Use the self-checkout machines in the comments section below.

[source hotukdeals.com, via dualshockers.com]