"Inject it into my eyes"

Sony's already proven that Project Morpheus works at various conventions around the world, but it now needs to show that it can support it with worthwhile software. One studio that's already working on the peripheral is Housemarque, where it's currently testing the headset's compatibility with the recently released Super Stardust Ultra. Are we about to, quite literally, have stars in our eyes?

"Housemarque is fortunate enough to have had access to Morpheus development kits, and has been experimenting with the technology using its latest title, Super Stardust Ultra," a company spokesperson told Eurogamer.net. "At this time, the technical tests are ongoing, and it is too early to say whether Super Stardust Ultra will become Morpheus compatible at some stage, or whether the team will apply the technical knowledge to future titles."

Digital Foundry reports that the technical make-up of the popular shmup – which runs at 1080p and 60 frames-per-second even in 3D – makes it a perfect fit for virtual reality, but it's hard to imagine what the device would actually add to the experience. The aforementioned site hypothesises that using the peripheral as a kind of personal IMAX theatre for the game would be possible, similar to Sony's HMZ unit.

Of course, the problem with this is that Project Morpheus is being billed as a bold new frontier, wherein developers have the opportunity to put you inside game worlds. We're not sure whether a simulated cinema experience, no matter how neat, would necessarily cut the mustard.

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