Bruised and broken

DriveClub disappointed at launch. Evolution Studios' next-gen racer may have made a late charge for podium position – and we actually think that the game's awesome as it stands now – but it's hard to ignore those first few months of inconsistent online functionality. To its credit, though, Sony has stressed that it was distraught at the state of the release, and will ensure that the same mistakes are never repeated again.

"In the context of DriveClub, which as you say did not work correctly at launch, I've got to tell you that everybody at Sony and in the development community was absolutely distraught [at the launch]," SCEE boss Jim Ryan told Metro as part of a hard hitting interview. "I don't think that anybody should labour under the opinion that there was any feeling of insouciance or anybody being relaxed about that being the case. People were working 24/7, and that's an expression that's lightly used, but people were working 24/7 trying to fix this."

He continued: "Now, should the game have worked at launch? Of course. Should people pay £50 for something and expect it to work? Of course. We've learnt an awful lot from the DriveClub experience, and those mistakes, once made, should not be repeated."

Ryan concluded that these lessons will be "applied internally in the context of every first-party title that we publish going forward", so hopefully we'll never experience anything like it again. Have you forgiven the format holder for this fiasco yet, or are you still wary of the state of boxed games in general? Tread lightly in the comments section below.