Star Wars: Battlefront

The more that we think about it, the more that we reckon Star Wars: Battlefront is going to be one of the biggest games of the year. Think about it: the title's due out a month before the new movie, and Disney will likely have ratcheted up the hype to intergalactic levels by that point. Moreover, could EA have possibly picked a better developer to adapt the property to the PlayStation 4 than DICE? The layered combat of Battlefield seems like a perfect match for Battlefront.

And the game's sounding incredible, if a leak on Making Star Wars is to be believed. The blog nailed several stories in regards to the forthcoming film A Force Awakens, so have a trustworthy track record – but this is obviously still a rumour for now. However, the publication claims that the abovementioned game will span the entire Star Wars saga, including parts from the prequels, and a section from the introduction of the new movie. Expect iconic moments from the original trilogy, too.

As a result of this, it will supposedly be longer than your typical single player campaign, and will see you play as both sides. The multiplayer, meanwhile, will be a 64-player affair, and will include space and land battles, as you'd expect. The interesting tidbit, though, is that it will include a 'Heroes' system, which will essentially operate like perks, allowing you to cash in on the points that you've accumulated during combat to play as a popular character from the movie universe. These will apparently have access to abilities that average soldiers won't.

Unsurprisingly, the developer's also got an aggressive DLC plan mapped out, which will span five expansions over the coming years. These will purportedly be themed, with the first few based upon The Force Awakens. Again, this sounds very Battlefield to us, so it doesn't come as an enormous surprise.

There are a ton more details available through here, but these are all of the main points. While none of it sounds out of the realm of possibility, though, it does read a little like a fan's wishlist, so do tread carefully for now. What are your hopes for Star Wars: Battlefront, and do they match up with these details? Use the force in the comments section below.