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We can't blame Ready at Dawn for starting to feel a little aggrieved at the frosty reception that The Order: 1886 has received, but in an interview with Italian YouTube channel Game's Princess – as translated by Worlds Factory – studio co-founder Andrea Pessino reckons that some of that may be due to the company's inability to communicate its vision.

"It seems like everyone is trying to find... Not a problem, but rather dishonesty – it seems like we're trying to hide something," the beefy boss said. "I thought that we had been very clear since the very beginning about what we were trying to do."

The executive added that everyone has different expectations, and the PlayStation 4 exclusive's not going to live up to all of them. "It's rather unique and specific," he beamed. "I think that some people will have a great and fantastic reaction to the game; others will hate it deeply."

However, the affable executive concluded that the company's definitely learned lessons moving forwards. "I just hope that in the future that we'll manage to be more clear in the way that we present what we're doing, so that everyone can make up their mind, and, at the same time, have a little faith that what we're saying is true."

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