Card to beat

Birmingham-based developer VooFoo Studios knows a thing or two about tabletop titles, having already shepherded the excellent Pure Pool and Pure Chess onto the PlayStation 4. Now it's back with Pure Hold'em, a poker-themed release that's sure to become the next big hit on the Live from PlayStation application.

As with all of the firm's titles, this will boast jaw-dropping visuals, with two tables for you to bet your chips at. These will include a casino and a swish penthouse, of course. The real appeal, however, will be the progression system, which will see you working your way up to higher stakes tables as you win various pots.

The game's due out later this year, but in order to celebrate its announcement – and presumably steal a bit of Hustle Kings' thunder – the studio's cut the price of Pure Pool by 40 per cent, and is offering an extra 10 per cent discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers. We actually really liked that game, so it's worth a shot while you wait for the developer to fully reveal its hand here.

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