PSN Offline Down Outage PlayStation Network

Cancel those late night Dying Light co-op sessions, as the PlayStation Network has been plunged into darkness yet again. Writing on Twitter, platform holder Sony has said that it's investigating the outage – but this seems unexpected, as its official website is currently signalling that everything's online. We've just had a check here at Push Square Towers, and it's dead as a dodo.

As always, we'll keep you updated on this downtime; hopefully, it will be a short and sweet hiccup, rather than a prolonged problem. Just remember: whenever you think that your life's bad, things could be worse – you could be an engineer tasked with keeping the PSN online, after all. We wonder which cable got tripped over this time...

Update (01:15AM GMT): Sony says that its team is "working hard to fix" the PSN issues. That's all we have to go on for now. Our advice? Strap yourselves in for a long night of Twitter checking.

Update (10:00AM GMT): PSN service has been resumed now globally. Phew.