DriveClub PS4 PlayStation 4

Evolution Studios clearly has plenty left in the tank, as DriveClub will be receiving yet another significant update in February. While the Runcorn-based developer admits that there's still a way to go before the racer's free PlayStation Plus edition will release, the studio's post-release support for paying customers has been exemplary thus far. And it's not pumping the brakes just yet.

Starting next week, you'll be able to download update 1.11 for free. This will include various enhancements, such as the addition of a brand new multiplayer game mode named Team Time Trial, as well as a new track and two variants in Japan. It'll also adjust some of the tour requirements in the title's add-on packs, and incorporate different paint jobs into the vehicle selection screen.

In addition to that, it'll implement a variety of minor bug fixes as well, while providing compatibility for two expansions due on the PlayStation Store from 24th February. The VUHL 05 vehicle will be available for free, while the Downforce and Midnight Tour Packs will come as part of the game's excellent Season Pass. These will add new events, Trophies, and liveries.

And the British studio's not stopping there. According to a Facebook post, it's currently wrapping up production of replays, which are one of the game's most frequently requested features. It's also working on adding additional ranks, lobbies, and, of course, further server upgrades. The game got off to a bumpy start, then, but we reckon that it's blossomed into something special.