"You're dreamin', Galahad"

The jury may still be out on PlayStation 4 exclusive The Order: 1886, but seasoned industry analyst Michael Pachter foresees a very lucrative future for the release. Chatting with Gaming Bolt, the Wedbush Securities employee suggested that it could sell five million copies by the end of the year – and may yet hit highs of up to 12 million units if the platform holder is aggressive with bundles.

"It's a really good exclusive title, and I think that it attaches at a pretty high rate to the install base, so probably 3.5 to 4 million of the install base, and then I think that it will probably attract another one to two million to buy a PS4 in the next few months," he said. "So I would imagine that it would be five million through the year's end, and it's great."

Pachter added that due to the release coming early in the year, the title could eventually hit 12 million copies – assuming that Sony bundles it over Christmas. "I think that the February launch is planned in such a way that come Black Friday they could give you The Order for free if you buy the PS4," he added. "So, it could end up selling 10 to 12 million because they can give away copies."

There's some sound logic in what the outspoken executive's saying, but we reckon that his estimates are far too high. We think that a couple of million would be a resounding success for the Ready at Dawn developed release, and would probably be enough to get a sequel greenlit. Anymore than that seems unlikely to us.

[source gamingbolt.com]