Jc 1

Seemingly appearing from thin air, Just Cause 3 has taken the Internet by storm with a handful of screenshots. Turning up over on NeoGAF, the pictures look almost exactly as you'd expect, as protagonist Rico Rodriguez causes havoc and chaos wherever he decides to go.

Grappling onto a moving helicopter? Check. Riding on the back of a jet fighter? Check. Gliding across a picturesque field of flowers? Er, sure thing. Indeed, the upcoming sandbox-'em-up looks very pretty judging from these screens, and it's absolutely bursting with colour. Just Cause 2, while far from perfect, was one heck of a good time, so we reckon with the help of better hardware, this could end up being something quite special.

Are you prepared to cause utter mayhem on the PlayStation 4? Feast your eyes on the images and demand more info in the comment section below.

[source neogaf.com]