Expect lots of Chloe cosplay

Update (15:15PM GMT): According to the official Life Is Strange Twitter account, Episode Two will still launch before the end of March.

Original Story: Life Is Strange has been a source of heated debate here at Push Square Towers. While this author can accept its problems, your humble host enjoyed it more than most – especially that initial slow shuffle down a crowded school corridor. The biggest thing that's come underfire, however, is its dialogue, which ranges from bad to embarrassing – and we can't help but wonder if Episode Two's delay is down to some last minute changes.

We're getting ahead of ourselves: the next instalment was due out on 13th March, but a Square Enix representative has told Destructoid that it'll no longer hit that date. There's no word on when the chapter will arrive, so it sounds like the studio's hit a real stumbling block. We honestly wouldn't be surprised if it was rewriting and re-recording some of the dialogue, and if that's the case, it's a delay that we can honestly get behind; the premise is great, but clearly this is an area that it needs to polish up.

Of course, this all means that we're going to have to cope with the first episode's cliff hanger for a little longer. For the sake of our sanity, we hope that it doesn't take too much time to deploy.

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