Grand Theft Auto V PS4 PlayStation 4

Publishers must look at Grand Theft Auto V and weep, as the blockbuster sandbox game has now sold an absolutely staggering 45 million units. To be clear: this statistic is accurate as of 31st December, and represents the number of copies offloaded to stores, not necessarily in consumers' homes. Of course, it's still a phenomenal figure. Even more impressive is that the next-gen re-release has already shifted 10 million units alone.

Publishing overlord Take-Two proudly flaunted the statistic during an earnings call this evening, where it also announced an increase in revenue, from $767.7 million up to $954 million for the quarter just ended. With the PC version of the open world game still to come, we're sure that all of the suits at the organisation are rubbing their hands, safe in the knowledge that Red Dead Redemption 2 will keep its office well stocked with luxury loo roll should Los Santos' lustre ever decline.

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