Don't expect any of this

We're not entirely sure how we feel about moody cinematic trailers. On the one hand, they can work well, providing a sense of atmosphere, while on the other, they can end up seeming far too serious for the actual source material.

And let's face it: Just Cause has never been a serious franchise. Cardboard characters and terrible dialogue are series trademarks by this point, with the main draw of the games being the fact that you can cause total and utter chaos in a massive sandbox world.

The upcoming sequel's first trailer, then, is a bit hit and miss. Sure, it's all about fire and things blowing up, but we'd much rather see some in-game mayhem. Come on Rico, stop being melodramatic and show us what really matters.

On the bright side, though, the video does offer a release date or sorts, although it's a while off yet, as the title's swooping into action in late 2015. Are you excited? Did the trailer do anything for you? Free fall into the comments section below.