Better than real life

There have been some great looking games on the PlayStation 4 so far, but we can probably all agree that The Order: 1886 is a step ahead of anything else. Ready at Dawn's forthcoming alternate history affair looks absolutely breathtaking – and in this brand new behind-the-scenes video, the team's various visual leads discuss the different techniques that it's used to make the title shine.

Much of the conversation centres on the clothing and materials, which the studio has scanned using real-world objects to make them look authentic. It's also invested an enormous amount of effort into how these textiles animate in the air, which brings an element of "liveliness" to the game world. Most impressive, however, is that it implies that the technology is based upon its PlayStation Portable engine. Huh.

Are you looking forward to this big budget affair, or do you think that the jury's still out on the third-person shooter? Let London burn in the comments section below.