Dying Light Super Mario Bros

If you liked the inclusion of Destiny's loot cave in Dying Light, then you're going to be even more impressed with this delicious Easter egg. It would appear that Techland has secretly stuffed Word 1-1 from Super Mario Bros in its recently released undead-'em-up, as the trailer below shows one intrepid YouTuber dropping down a green pipe and into a twisted interpretation of the famous stage.

The level layout is almost identical, though it obviously doesn't appear as interesting when played from a three dimensional perspective. Still, the developer's clearly invested a lot of effort into it, as it's not only included a chiptune soundtrack, but also some miniscule, mushroom-shaped zombies which loosely resemble Goombas. Sliding down the flag pole at the end of the stage will earn you some survivor points, which makes this a worthwhile distraction, as well as a really bloody neat one.

[source youtube.com, via polygon.com]