Don't look down

There are few better promotional tools than a free PlayStation 4 theme, and Sony has tapped into that by adding a complimentary animated The Order: 1886 wallpaper to the European PlayStation Store. Available to download now through here, the nifty extra allows you to skin your next-gen system with the airship infiltration scene from the forthcoming release.

The bottom layer of the layout shows the Knights abseiling down the side of the Agamemnon, while the notifications area includes a panoramic shot of the zeppelin, as it soars through swirling clouds. The image isn't the best in honesty, but the typewriter-esque sound effects and official theme song really sell the option, and make it well worth your hard drive space.

If you're in North America, you're also eligible for a free theme based on Ready at Dawn's forthcoming foray, but you'll need to jump through a few more hoops to grab it. Simply follow the instructions through here.

The Order: 1886 PS4 PlayStation 4 Theme