Warframe Update

Warframe has evolved quite a bit since we reviewed it back near the PlayStation 4's launch. Over a year in, and the free-to-play title has expanded significantly, building upon its already solid, if unspectacular, foundation.

And right now, you can download the title's latest update, which adds yet more new content to the co-op shoot-and-slice-'em-up. The biggest addition to the sci-fi adventure is the introduction of hub-like relays, where you can meet up with other players, sort out your gear, and chat between missions. Sounds good, eh? In time, these areas will even support new merchants and even special quest givers. The downside is that these relays won't be open to everyone at first, but once stress tests are completed, you should be able to pay them a visit.

The update also brings a new widespread and dangerous operation in which players will have to take on the Vey Hek's space fleet. This new battle will require users to make use of Archwings -- devices added in the game's last big update that allow Tenno to zip through space -- to infiltrate the fleet.

A new trader named Baro Ki'Teer will be jumping into the fray, too, and like Destiny's Xur, he'll only appear now and again. Once every two weeks, you'll be able to find him in relays, and trade with him using special currency that's only obtained through selling off your prime gear. Phew.

There's even a new game mode, in which you'll have to protect a vehicle from enemy forces, and on top of all that, the update also adds in a wealth of new weapons, Archwings, and Archwing armaments. It's certainly an impressive amount of content, but are you still playing Warframe? Perhaps this update will convince you to jump back in? Wall run into the comments section below.

[source blog.eu.playstation.com]