Tough love

People's tastes can be unconventional, and Japan is proof of that alone. Part of Otomate, Japan's leading female dating sim brand, KLAP!! ~Kind Love and Punish~ is following the trend that love hurts. Set to be released domestically on the PlayStation Vita later this year, you'll play as a teacher in a school of demons where the pupils are disobedient at best. It's your job as their educator to whip them into shape – all too literally.

Just like the recently released Criminal Girls, the game features a punishment system for the demon of your choosing. Will it ever come overseas, we hear you cry? The possibility isn't completely off the cards with Idea Factory at the helm – it did release Monster Monpiece and its unorthodox levelling system, after all.

If another dating sim were to come West, would this satisfy your desires – or do you want something more lovey-dovey? Wear your heart on your sleeve in the comments section below.

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