Evolve PS4 PlayStation 4 Patch

Ah, good old Evolve – the critical darling that just seems to have gotten smaller and smaller in importance since its initial unveiling. While we're yet to be convinced by Turtle Rock's first-person shooter, though – unsurprisingly, it seems that our review code has gotten 'lost in the post' – we daresay that a fair few of you are looking forward to the four-versus-one affair. Of course, if you do happen to fall into that bracket, you're probably going to want to know about the title's 3GB launch patch.

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This is more or less mandatory if you intend to play the asymmetrical gun-'em-up online, and shortens loading times, makes many matchmaking improvements, and introduces a handful of balance tweaks. It also squashes a number of bugs, replaces a couple of assets, and adds compatibility with the title's recently released, er, smartphone application. We'll bring you our impressions as and when we get access to the game – in the meantime, we're sure that there'll be no shortage of YouTubers telling you how great it is.

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