Trophy Force, assemble!

As with any upcoming release, Dragon Ball Xenoverse's trophy data has hit the net, much to the joy of eager virtual trinket hunters. The brawler boasts 50 trophies in total, and from where we're sitting, it doesn't look like it'll be too difficult to nab the coveted Platinum.

Indeed, it appears to be one of those titles where you're expected to do just about everything to get your hands on the prize, but there are no challenges that rely on setting the game to the hardest, near-impossible difficulty level, for example. You can browse the full list through here, but we'll give you a brief overview if you're looking to avoid minor spoilers.

For starters, most trophies come from completing the abundance of different sagas and missions that are available, while a few others require you to pull off certain techniques in battle. In short, it shouldn't be too hard to snag the majority of trinkets if you simply slog through the release's single player offering. The only real downside here, is that online trophies make up the rest of the collection, although even then, they're thankfully not too demanding.

Will you be fighting for that Xenoverse Platinum? Beat us up and fly away with our trophy cabinet in the comments section below.