"It's how big?"

Roses are red, violets are blue; Until Dawn will whisk you away to a cabin in the woods – but there'll be no time to get nude. That's the theme of this brand new trailer for Supermassive Games' forthcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive at least, as romantic tension paves the way for straight-up tension.

"As you may know by now, [the game] sees a group of eight friends on their annual mountain getaway which turns into a night of sheer terror," gaffer Pete Samuels explained on the PlayStation Blog. "However, before things go awry, you'll get to know the characters and understand the complex relationships in their social circle."

This means that you should prepare yourself for some serious teenage angst – but remember: your actions will have consequences later on. "If you are mean to a friend, they may or may not choose to save you later in the game," Samuels continued. "The narrative will always continue forward, adapting to your decisions."

The big question is: will you get beyond second base? Score with Hayden Panettiere in the comments section below.

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