Onwards to... another victory

December was a big month for the PlayStation Network, and not just because it was unavailable during the biggest day of the year. Indeed, the PlayStation Store must make an absolute killing around Christmas, and it looks like 2014 was no different, as some of the biggest games on Sony platforms topped the download charts once again.

In both Europe and North America, Grand Theft Auto V took first place on the PS4, showing that many users clearly couldn't care less about its rather large file size. Following up Rockstar's latest were the likes of FIFA 15, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, while the ageing PS3 had to make do with Minecraft taking the top spot in both regions. No surprises here, then.

Not content with hanging around the PS4's best sellers and dominating the PS3, Mojang's block-'em-up also jumped above the competition on the Vita as well, with Freedom Wars, Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, and Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair being among the titles that populated the rest of the list. Meanwhile, good old Crash Bandicoot was the best selling PSone Classic in Europe, while the recently released and beloved Suikoden II claimed that same spot in North America, with the original Suikoden following behind in second place. Not bad, eh?

You can take a look at the full charts through here and here. Did you grab anything digital last month? Show us your remaining hard drive space in the comments section below.

[source blog.eu.playstation.com, via blog.us.playstation.com]