"Hel of a job"

If you hadn't already noticed, we're slap bang in the centre of that period where companies beat their chests and boast about the previous year's sales. And hot on the heels of last night's impressive PlayStation 4 install base update, SCEUK has revealed that its next-gen system was the best-selling console in Britain last year. Quelle surprise.

The manufacturer didn't provide specific data for the region, but did state that its system came out on top on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which is a bit of a shock considering the scale of some of the deals for the Xbox One. The organisation also stated that it performed best in November and December combined, and in the final week of the year.

None of this is especially surprising, of course, but it is a dramatic turnaround from the previous generation, where the PlayStation 3 struggled against the established Xbox 360 from launch. It's a testament to the organisation's aggression in this nation, though, as it's matched various price cuts from the competition every step of the way.

Perhaps the folks over at SCEA should be paying attention...

[source mcvuk.com]