Resistance PS4 PlayStation 4

Ever since PlayStation 3 launch title Resistance: Fall of Man, Insomniac Games' gritty first-person shooter series has been a bit of a money pit for publisher Sony. Fortunately, a quick look at the Japanese giant's financials reveals that it loves losing money, so could a comeback for the alternate history franchise be on the cards?

It's unlikely, but the eagle eyed folks over at NeoGAF have uncovered a European trademark pertaining to the decidedly unpopular brand. This is most likely a case of the platform holder protecting its property, but we suppose that there is an outside chance of the Chimera making a shock return on the PlayStation 4.

However, should that happen, we'd be surprised to see the series' original creator at the helm, as the Ratchet & Clank maker appears to have its hands full between multiformat projects and the aforementioned platforming double-act. Sony's had mixed success palming the property off to other studios, but Guerrilla Cambridge could be a good fit.

We suppose that the question is: would you be up for more alien annihilating should the manufacturer find a competent company to take the reins? Dream up some imaginative artillery in the comments section below.

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