Square Enix PS4 PlayStation 4

Cryptic teases are a mainstay in this industry, and they almost always end in disappointment – but that doesn't stop us from getting sucked into the hype cycle every single time. Square Enix is the latest publisher to join the party, launching a mysterious website pointing to the announcement of an upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive. But what could it be?

Well, no one seems to know just yet. The website includes the name 'Project CODE Z', and shows various fantasy-esque backgrounds as part of a pretty cheap Flash splash. All will apparently be revealed on 31st January at 16:45PM JST, as part of the Tokaigi Japan Game Party 2015. There's a Twitter account connected to the teaser page, which is also dropping ambiguous clues.

Given past experience, we're going to suggest that this probably won't be worth getting too excited about. If nothing else, though, it's nice to see Japanese developers putting some faith in Sony's next-gen machine – no matter how minor this inevitably turns out to be. What would you like to see? Catch some z's in the comments section below.

[source jp.square-enix.com, via twitter.com, neogaf.com]