Voice actors are hired by big video game publishers to open their gobs, so it's no surprise that they struggle to keep them shut outside of the booth. Bill Farmer, who's playing Goofy in Kingdom Hearts III, caused a mild storm on Twitter earlier this week when he 'announced' that the forthcoming PlayStation 4 sequel will release later this year. Of course, true to his character, he made a goof.

Square Enix has since clarified that the launch window for the hotly anticipated role-playing game remains very much a secret, though you should probably rule out 2015 – especially seeing as veteran slacker Tetsuya Nomura has been put in charge of the project. To be honest, we reckon that you'll be lucky if you're kicking back with Sora and crew by the time that the PlayStation 5 arrives.

[source gamespot.com, via uxianxiii.deviantart.com]