Cute as a button

If you ever see a 'leak' on the Internet that pairs an off-screen image with the word 'confidential', then you can be pretty confident that it's a fake. As such, these so-called PlayStation 4 Slim pictures that have been doing the rounds this morning are 99.9 per cent certain to be a hoax – but they still give us something to write about an otherwise decidedly dull news day. Thanks, mock-up artists.

The photos show a teensy set-top box, which maintains the same slanted look as the current PS4, but is not much bigger than the unit's disc drive. It's almost impossible to think that Sony could shrink the hardware down to such a degree, but the Japanese giant's proved capable of similar feats with its previous formats, so we wouldn't count it out just yet. Still, this does seem extraordinarily small for a system that's barely even a year old.

The images include the codename Monolith, which, again, sounds like something that the organisation would use. As a ruse, then, it's a pretty well thought out one, but we're not falling for it, and neither should you. Still, it raises an interesting question: what do you want out of a hypothetical PS4 Slim? It's almost certain to happen at some point, and we daresay that engineers are working on it now. Share your wishlist in the comments section below.