Work hard for a better view

Upcoming dungeon crawler Criminal Girls: Invite Only has been on our radar since its localization was announced, even if it's for reasons as notorious as Monster Monpiece's rubbing system. Fortunately, the game's inmates will be able to keep you company this Valentine's Day, as the title will be released physically and digitally on 3rd February in North America and 6th February in Europe.

As a new prison warden, you must rehabilitate seven criminals damned to hell and put them back on the path of salvation, but this means whipping each of the girls into shape all too literally. Over at Push Square Towers, however, we can look past all of the sauciness to see the possibilities imprisoned within. The idea of a disobedient fighting squad that you have no control over makes this writer remember the original Persona 3, and also promises a fresh change of pace. Furthermore, each character's backstory should be colourful if they managed to find themselves this messed up. To sneak a peek at the action yourselves, check out the embedded video below.

Are you going to delve head first into the pits of hell and take a chance with such a risqué release? Role play as a prisoner in the comments section below.