Don't look now

Romance is always a tricky subject when it comes to games. Not often do titles get the mood right, and more times than not, any sort of sex scene ends up seeming cripplingly awkward.

The Witcher series has arguably approached it better than others, though. In particular, the second game in the franchise certainly didn't shy away from some steamy scenarios, and even featured fully exposed breasts. Unsurprisingly, this sparked a bit of an uproar from those keen on censorship, and by the sounds of it, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will also boast plenty of adult-oriented scenes to get outraged about.

According to The Guardian, the upcoming PlayStation 4 role-playing game contains 16 hours of sex scene motion capture data, and while we highly doubt that the finished release will present players with a 16 hour session, it still seems like a lot of time and effort's gone into this.

What do you make of this? Are you bothered by physical intimacy in games? Get your Geralt on in the comments section below.

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