"What is this? Black magic?"

If you haven't upgraded your PlayStation 4's bog-standard 500GB hard drive, then chances are that you're already being forced to play Puyo Puyo with all of your installed files. Fortunately, forthcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive The Order: 1886 won't take a particularly big bite out of your system's storage space, as it will only occupy 29.4GB – prior to patches, of course.

That's quite a surprising figure considering the visual fidelity of the release, but while it may prompt some to question the length of the actual adventure, a few people online have been quick to point out that all of the release's cut-scenes run in realtime, ultimately saving space ordinarily reserved for pre-rendered videos. This is good news for those of you planning to download the game.

There are just a few weeks to wait until the third-person shooter is officially released, with Sony set to drop the Ready at Dawn developed historical escapade onto store shelves from 20th February. If you haven't watched it yet, the title's recent story trailer is a real must see – especially if you've been questioning the title's chops for some time.

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