Wee-Ja believe it?

If you thought that Ouija Boards were solely reserved for raising the dead and providing bad teen slashers with some semblance of plot, then you probably wouldn't get a job in Deep Silver's marketing division. The firm has announced that it's teamed up with uber-retailer GAME in the UK in order to giveaway Wee-Ja Boards with all pre-orders for the forthcoming Saints Row IV Re-Elected: Gat Out of Hell on the PlayStation 4.

This is based upon the instrument that protagonist Johnny Gat will use in the expansion pack, so we suppose that it isn't entirely as random as it may first seem. Still, the publisher wants you to send pictures of you and your pals using the anti-Monopoly in order to be entered into a prize draw to win a ghost hunting trip. The organisation should probably be providing an exorcist if documentaries that we've seen are anything to go by.

To be fair, in addition to the spiritual centrepiece, you'll also nab the Plague of Frogs DLC pack for pre-ordering, which will apparently feature some "hellish mementos for your to bring back to virtual Steelport". Ever wanted to rain amphibian death down on your enemies? Now you can, courtesy of the Lil' Croaker gun. Does all of this sound ribbiting to you? Hop into the comments section down below to let us know.