It does look rather fun

Saints Row IV was an utterly ridiculous experience, and developer Volition seems keen to carry that tone through the series' upcoming expansion, Gat Out of Hell. Of course, we knew that already, but the standalone DLC's launch trailer still managed to surprise us.

The video's full of dumb, crass humour and stupid selling points, but there's little else we could ask for from the franchise that brought us turbo golf carts and ray guns that make racist aliens' heads explode. Out next week, the expansion sees fan favourite Johnny Gat descend into Hell itself to rescue the Boss, and as always, there'll be a huge range of daft and deadly weaponry to keep things interesting.

What do you make of Saints Row's madness? Are you a fan, or do you prefer your sandboxes with less testicle jokes? Punch a hole in the comments section below.

Oh, and a quick warning that the trailer does contain some strong language.