Collect them all

Dragon Ball is stuffed full of brilliantly designed and stupidly powerful heroes and villains, so it's always a bit of a disappointment when a licensed release comes up short on the character roster side of things.

Fortunately, Dragon Ball Xenoverse's selection doesn't sound too bad. The game's Amazon Japan listing states that it will feature 47 playable fighters, obviously excluding custom warriors that you've created. While this means a smaller roster than some of the franchise's more recent releases, it's worth noting that in Xenoverse, characters have the ability to transform in battle, so Super Saiyan warriors, for example, don't count as separate playable personalities.

The listing also reveals that the brawler sports 12 master quests, 50 parallel quests, 200 skill options, and 400 pieces of equipment. Quite impressive numbers, then, but is it enough to make your hair stand on end? Show us your many forms in the comments section below.

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