"You want to know about the game, eh?"

If we ran a poll right now asking you to vote for your most anticipated game, we'd hazard that Persona 5 would finish somewhere near to the top. Atlus' forthcoming PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 role-playing release has been the source of strong excitement for some time now, but we still don't actually know an enormous amount about it. That could change in just a few days' time.

The developer will be hosting the 'Persona Super Live 2015' concert on 5th February, and it will be running a 30 hour broadcast leading up to and through the event on Japanese website NicoNico and the franchise's official website. During this stream, it promises to celebrate the "charm" of the series – and, hopefully, provide brand new information on the popular property's forthcoming sequel.

If that's not enough, the company will also be deploying Persona 4 Golden: The Best on the same day in Japan, turning this into a real momentous occasion. Of course, as is always the case with things like this, it's probably best to temper your expectations a little bit – then again, 30 hours is a lot of airtime to fill. Surely there'll be something meaningful on the property's next instalment?

[source p-ch.jp, via siliconera.com]