Party's over, people

Who would ever deny the Saints of their fun, eh? Calling it a "serious manufacturing issue", an Australian agency has explained the recall of Saints Row IV: Re-Elected on the PlayStation 4, after it was discovered that the release was "incorrectly classified".

As you may know, censorship policies in the land down under can be rather strict, and as you can imagine, Saints Row IV, what with its rectal alien probes and such, had a particularly tough time launching there. The original, unaltered version of the game was initially banned from sale by the Australian Classification Board, but after the game was tweaked, it was finally approved for release.

Now, as it happens, there's been a bit of a cock-up, because the uncensored edition has hit store shelves. As mentioned, the title is currently being recalled, and you'll get a full refund if you hand your physical copy back to the retailer from which you bought it. Meanwhile, copies of the 'correct' version will be distributed to stores soon.

What do you make of this kerfuffle? Does it almost sound as daft as one of Saints Row's storylines? Speak your mind in the comments section below.