Life is indeed strange

Sigh. Considering the current climate, we did consider whether we should post this story in the first place – but then we figured that we'd be behaving just as badly as the publishers in question. During its recent developer diary, DONTNOD has hinted that some companies wanted it to make Life Is Strange's lead character a male. Fortunately, the folks over at Square Enix didn't care.

"Square Enix is basically the only publisher who didn't want to change anything about the game," creative director Jean-Maxime Moris said. "We had other publishers telling us to make it a male lead character, and Square didn't even question that once." We'd assume that the Parisian developer was sucking up to the people paying its bills, if we hadn't heard about this sort of thing before.

What really frustrates us is that it's all so stupid. We daresay that there's probably research out there that publishers are using to inform these gender decisions, but we're more inclined to purchase a game with a female on the box, purely because the medium is infested with more than enough angry skin heads. Would you ever overlook a great title that stars a lady? We're guessing not.

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