Fight for the fondant fancy

Who doesn't like a nice piece of cake? Whether it's a bold slab of Battenberg or a silky slice of Red Velvet, a well baked gateau will always get on well with the ol' gnashers. Of course, the majority of us know to stop eating when our stomach feels sore, but Fat Princess – the star of several PlayStation titles – has less self-control. Thus, you'll need to keep her safe by matching tiles in Fat Princess: Piece of Cake, which is available now for free on the PlayStation Vita.

The game appears to be a rip-off of Puzzle & Dragons, the Japanese smartphone smash which sees you solving puzzles to land attacks in an RPG-lite type scenario. The title's also available on iOS and Android, so the platform holder's clearly using this as a promotional tool of kinds for the forthcoming Fat Princess Adventures on the PlayStation 4. Would you like to see more of these simple spin-offs, or is this entire initiative getting you down? Comfort eat in the comments section below.