Dead good media

Transmedia storytelling always seems forced, but there's just enough plot in properties like Mass Effect and The Elder Scrolls to make it work. Polish developer Techland isn't exactly best known for its storytelling, but that hasn't stopped Warner Bros from going all-in and commissioning a novel based on its forthcoming parkour-'em-up, Dying Light. Yes, a bloomin' full-scale hardback book!

The plot has been penned by Raymond Benson, who's perhaps best known for several James Bond stories. This book, named Dying Light: Nightmare Row, appears to be an origin story of sorts, and will follow the events of an 18-year-old American athlete named Mel Wyatt. Trapped on the island of Harran, she and her brother, Paul, must outrun the undead.

"Writing the origin story for Dying Light was an exciting adventure for me," Benson said. "I'd always wanted to try my hand at a zombie-genre tale, and this gave me the perfect opportunity. The folks at Techland created a rich and intriguingly bleak setting for the game, so that gave me a wonderful and creepy world in which to play around. All fans of zombie fiction are in for a real treat."

There's no word on a release date or price for the book just yet, but it'll presumably drop shortly after the game at the end of this month. Is this something that you'd be willing to read, or are you waiting to see how many bad Australian stereotypes are in the actual title first? Stone the crows in the comments section below.