That's all, folks

Gearbox gaffer Randy Pitchford told us to keep an eye on today's PAX South 2015 panel for more information on the next Borderlands, but instead of announcing the inevitable follow-up, he merely confirmed that the company's staffing up for the sequel. This is the kind of bad joke that we'd expect to find in the actual game, not the public relations push leading up to its reveal. Sorry, couldn't resist.

According to those in attendance at the event, the abovementioned executive stated that the studio has "literally nothing" to say about the sequel, but it did confirm that it's recruiting for "the big one". The outspoken overlord has since tweeted out an image of various characters from the franchise, including a bunch of silhouettes with the words "this could be you" written across them. "We want passionate and talented people to help us," he wrote.

We find it difficult to believe that it has zero to share about the sequel, but clearly it's keeping the details close to its chest for now. We suspect that the next entry in the series will adopt an MMO-esque approach similar to Destiny, but we're going to have to wait and see. For now, though, at least you can rest easy knowing that the next instalment is in the pipeline – as if there was ever any doubt.

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